WL//WH Video Of The Day: RINA PAVAR “A New Time (with DARCY HARD)”

Video Of The Day  RINA PAVAR  

Leipzig-native Dark Electronic producer and producer Katja Krüger AKA Rina Pavar, following last November’s release of her long-awaited debut album, “Vivid Night”, delivers the DIY visuals for one of the leading tracks, “A New Time”, featuring the backing vocals of Darcy Hard, a cool intoxicating dancefloor number that merges lush nocturnal synthetic textures and driving rhythms with bewitching vocalizations and enlightening lyrics.

“A New Time” for cold magnetic, and alluring atmospherics to shine twinkling chimes, quivering drone frequencies, and sensual female vocal inspirations into an intoxicating dancefloor stratosphere of undulating bass tones, mesmeric stirring beats, and compelling, supportive whispers inviting you to leave the past behind, while opening inner doorways of destiny.

A modern black-and-white performance draws an edgy release of tension from the metronomic mechanisms of frozen desires. Geometric overlays and strobing lights construct an alternate dimension for a hypnotic dancing duo whose cool, carefree vibes transcend dystopic destiny by daring to dream brighter.

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portrait photo by @yules_pictures