WL//WH Video Of The Day: REVENGE BODY “The Body”

Video Of The Day  REVENGE BODY 

Revenge Body is a tattooist, natural healer, astrologer, and Devotional Darkwave act out of New London, Connecticut with a 2022 full-length album, Chiron,  and a handful of singles under his belt, fresh from dropping a DIY video, created by himself, Sev Phillips and Micky Longcoy, for the touching new, and second of the year, track “The Body.”

Nostalgic 80s tinged Synth-Pop bittersweetness pervades angsty icy bright arpeggiated synth melodies, bouncy droning bass tones, and heavy stomping beats around gentle, heartfelt poetic vocals, reflecting on the loss of a loved one with care, admiration, and longing.

Symbolic visuals by Sev Phillips and Micky Longcoy compel vulnerable captures, hazy warm skies, and beautiful natural horizons to free the mind into an endless expanse of Mother Nature’s vision where fragile vibrant wildflowers, refreshing, nourishing berries, and clear sparkling streams detoxify and flush toxic remnants from an ailing mindset of melancholy and doom.

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