WL//WH Video Of The Day: RETROVISOR “Wiphalas off planet”

Video Of The Day  RETROVISOR  

Retrovisor, the Minimal Dark Wave Dance duo based in Cochabamba, Bolivia made up of Huascar Rodríguez & Paola Vargas, followed up the July release of the band’s debut album, “Choledark”, with the video clip by Luis Borda T., for “Wiphalas off Planet”, a track inspired by, and a tribute to, Alison Spedding’s Cyberpunk/Andean sci-fi book “From Time to Time Saturnina”.

Learn about the life and miracles of the legendary witch, warrior and space navigator Saturnina Mamani Guarache, from Qullasuyu Marka (ancient name of Bolivia) in a dystopian and at the same time, “archaic” future. Buy the novel from the Mama Huaco publishing house and read it now!A message from Retrovisor

A shadowy urgent white-light strobing cosmos, somewhere over the beating heart of Qullasuyu Marka (formerly Bolivia), casts menacing explosive effects, stacked marching beats, obsessive buzzing rolling bass frequencies, frenetic swirling trancey synths, and an array of robotic vocalizations, including clips from the story of Aymara, in Aymara oral tradition (Bolivia-Chile-Peru), to open heady, escape driven doorways into a parallel timeline of spaced-out, dancing bliss.

This video is also a tribute to not (so) mainstream retro sci-fi movies (from the ’70s and ’80s). With that inspiration we have applied, in our own way, the old Burroughsian cut-up technique using small fragments of the following films combined with archive images: Dark Star (1974), Moontrap (1988), Capricorn One (1978), Star Crash (1978), Silent Running (1972) and Saturn 3 (1980).

Groovy, symbolic retro-futuristic visuals by Luis Borda T. star Paola Vargas, Lucía Herbas, and Paola Cano, as an all-female crew aboard a shiny metallic spaceship, to bring Alison Spedding’s Andean Cyberpunk book, “From Time to Time Saturnina”, to life. Evocative traditional and utilitarian costumes by Paola Cano and Retrovisor (with the collaboration of Lekrea) capture the warrior essence of Saturina, whilst skull and flower-laden props and surreal sensual dance scenes hone in on the dark and daring supernatural energy of the story, to deliver an immersive, edgy and darkly imaginative nuanced fantasy.

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Photo by @salaco_ojorojo Mauricio Salazar Actress: @peca_mp DJ Bestia y @olipunkskahxc