WL//WH Video Of The Day: RESISTOR “Combustion” (Official Music Video)

Video Of The Day Resistor

Resistor is a Colombian Electric Body Music (EBM) act from Bogota founded in 2011 by Leonardo Jaime (Antiflvx, Umbrall), joined by Bryan Durate in 2022 to mastermind live sequencing and drums, who drops a video for “Combustion”, the second single from Resistor’s forthcoming album “Liebe Über Alles”, via Scanner the sublabel label of renowned Germany-based label Scanner / Dark Dimensions Label Group

This track remarks the passion and the energy of Resistor’s approach to EBM, with pounding bass lines and Spanish lyrics, like a body caught on fire.”

Dark, simmering desire ignites stabbing and pulsing bass sequences, rattling and thumping snare drums, nervous crispy claps and sinister sprawling synth strains to coalesce into a mysterious lurking danger around ominous harsh spoken words, breathing baritone suggestions into a fiery construct of hidden passion.

Symbolic black and white visuals follow Resistor through an array of urban fascinations to sync with the enigmatic vibe of the soundtrack. Creative interpretations alternate with engaging instrumentation and poetic gestures to manifest the troubled mindset between late-night drinking and serious musical determination.

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