WL//WH Video of the Day: REPO MAN “Deep”

Video Of The Day  Repo Man  

Sidney-based, Australian dark noise-rockers Oliver Clarke (drums), Jack Bennett (bass), Darcy Bennett (guitar), Jared Borkowski ( keys) and Joshua Duffy (vocals) AKA REPO MAN release a mind-bending video for the thick and heavy track “Deep”, part of the forthcoming Self/Titled debut album due out on April 16th, 2021 on the band’s Bandcamp.

A tumultuous surge of vigorous rolling drum beats, organic asymmetrical blowing strains, and reverb driven guitar riffs squeal and rumble over ominous bass line treachery, while urgent harsh and breathless male vocals scream in tormented isolation, treading anxiously above a churning torrent of toxic emotions, disenchanting rhythms, and droning textures of malice, to sway and fall helplessly under the timeless tide of fear.

Esoteric lyrics form a stream of consciousness wrought in self-discovery and turmoil, painted in rich metaphors and subconscious afflictions, to form a sentient journey through the abyss of a phantom wasteland.

Manic video, created by Mitch Headinthesand (@throat.pasta), captures the profound feelings of misunderstood alienation and misery, through a surreal vision to form an alternate realm of disassociated freedom teetering on the brink of sanity. Primordial elements flow backwards through time, creating a soothing motion of digression, while outlandish warped camera angles distort reality to elicit a sentient discomfort. Obsessive body language and irate facial expressions contort under a haze of artificial lights, blurry focus, and blue energy, to swirl into hypnotic disruptions and chaotic delusions disconnecting, numb pain and distorted senses from bizarre thought patterns, to elicit an intense expression of disillusionment in sync with the ear-piercing frequencies and thrust of the soundtrack.

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