WL//WH Video Of The Day : RED SOL “Painkiller”

Video Of The Day

Red Sol is the new project from the Georgian singer/songwriter and poetess and half of ISOTROPíA, Keren Batok and German singer/songwriter and musician Anna Nin aka NONE Band.

“Painkiller” is the brand new debut single, decribed as ‘music of the desert, snakes and scorpions’, the sparse broken rhythms and the evocative and gloomy synth arising from Anna’s distinctive wizardry, depict a minimalistic, bare and raw atmosphere, not lacking in sensuality, elegance and charm, enhanced by the deep and seductive Keren voice laced with decadent and agonized poetry, digging deep in the darkness of your heart.
A flickering candlelight of excruciating transient beauty slowly got devoured by the enveloping darkness.
Check the haunting shadowy video and guess the poetical and visuals inspired by the music.