WL//WH Video Of The Day : Red Mishima ‘Marion’

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I must confess that, even if Italian, I didn’t know the post-punk/shoegaze/darkwave five-piece from Bologna, called Red Mishima. They should have recently complete a demo, but I wasn’t able to find further infos about them.

The band’s intriguing name immediately reminds me the passion related to the red colour and the ‘perfect purity’ of Mishima, fully reflected in a song like ‘Marion’, where the textured, narcotic allure of haunting jangling strong guitar melodies and swathes of sinister synths paired with Corinna’s pristine and emotional Julianne Regan-like vocals, adding an enticing and darkly twist and a real 4AD and early Mission flavour to a haunting yet beautiful gothic atmosphere.

Check out the red-lead 80’s style video above.

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Veronica Burlando Photography