WL//WH Video Of The Day: RATPAJAMA “Lacunas Abissais”

Video Of The Day RATPAJAMA

From the North-East State of Ceará, Brazil, comes this amazing new entry from the universe of synthesizers, RATPAJAMA, and with minimal info about it all. Being active since 2018 with the debut experiment of ‘Cantinho Da Vergonha’ EP, this outfit from Brazil waited for two more years to present a storm of releases in 2020. Debut album ‘Sonho Lúcido’ (May, 2020), and four more different singles this year; ‘O Mago’ (also May, 2020), ‘Parasita’ (June, 2020), ‘Two Headed Viper’ (Sept. 2020), and the latest ‘Lacunas Abissais’ on November 8, 2020.

RATPAJAMA is another brilliant act (solo, band…who knows?), which creates amazing synth-punk/minimal-darkwave music as if it is the only air that breathes. All synth-minimalism is in there, all the beloved and ‘wicked’ tricks with synthesizers are in there too, as also all the punk attitude being present and in the face, yes! RATPAJAMA – Brazil plays great ball by all means and within only the first few tastes from its music, it is absolutely obvious that we are listening to the rise of a new great killer-act…that is waiting patiently and ready to be discovered and to unfold its virtues on the synthesized pitch. This troupe or that person from Ceará makes that synthesized music as it is displayed in the global underground scene, with sheer originality and the required nerve around it and as the whole thing too with RATPAJAMA to be sounding and appearing as a bit like intersecting with the break-through from 2016…and I am talking about Kaelan Mikla‘s similar initial sonic storms. I will give you now the ‘Lacunas Abissais’ single, you must listen to it loud, and you should spend some time around with the rest of the releases that you’ll find in the following link!!!


Written by Loud Cities' Mike