WL//WH Video Of The Day: RASKOLNIKOV “Masterfreak” (Official Video)


Raskolnikov, a name inspired by the main character of Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment”, started in 2015 from an unusual European alliance of Post Punk (ers) from France, Switzerland, and Spain, whose members, Jérôme Blum, Jaime Fernandez da Costa and Mathieu Pawelski-Szpiechowycz, drew attention, with a couple of well-received albums”Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall” in 2017 and “Lazy people will destroy you” in 2020, both via Manic Depression Records and Icy Cold Records, through a seamless blend of Post-punk, Coldwave and Shoegaze, plenty of driving urgency and distinctive melodic sensibility. 

In anticipation of the upcoming EP in the Spring and a third LP due sometime next Autumn, the band drops the Official Video, recorded inside by Q. Blum and L. Progin, and outside by Jaime F. da Costa and E. Espitallier for the new single “Masterfreak.”

Echoing the thrumming vibrancy of Interpol and The Sound, “Masterfreak” feels like an intense outflow of heart-warming devotion, triggering steady hard hitting drum beats, and sobre humming bass lines, intricate sparkling and bleeding guitar melodies, and droning glows, to wash strong emotional vocals, teetering on the edge of unrestrained passion, with warm buzzing swells of windswept distortion.

The seamless editing of M. Szpiechowycz and Jaime F. da Costa merges an evocative performance of Raskolnikov, recorded by Q. Blum and L. Progin, with high def outdoor shots, recorded by Jaime F. da Costa and E. Espitallier, to evoke the inspirational vibes of the soundtrack. A beautiful blue vintage Renault 10 mle 1969, generously loaned by Linda and Eric, drives freely down a skinny country highway to arrive at a gorgeous hidden clearing where cloudless skies, glistening pond waters, and brilliant high cliff views make manifest the lyrical destiny.

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