WL//WH Video Of The Day: RANK “Awesome”

Video Of The Day RANK

Lyon, France‘s alternative local heroes RANK drop an invigorating and refreshing take on the late 70s/early 80s UK cold synth-inflected post-punk, through the turbulent punk filled attitude new track “Awesome”, the first preview from the foursome’s forthcoming fourth album, “Black Frame,” produced by Manchester‘s Matthew Leonard of Total Victory, scheduled for release on October 30, 2021, CD/Vinyl, via Automate Records and Endless Night Records, accompanied by an evocative music video directed by Clément Sanna and Trevor Reveur.

The noisy and rambunctious “Awesome” unleashes menacing droning synth strains that drive chilling fear around caustic emotional male vocals and anxious backups boiling into vigorous shouts and painful groans of distressed convictions to fall angrily into deep serpentine chugging basslines, obsessive abrasively jagged and piercing guitar riffs along spastic hard-hitting drum beats, amid sparse exhilarating searing leads, to release the vicious toxins of modern dystopic lyrics drawing from feelings of never being satisfied, looking for answers in the wrong place, and the inability to move forward through a sea of oppressive lies.

Dangerous video, directed by Clément Sanna and Trevor Reveur, featuring Ben, captures brooding rebellion using red and black smoke flares to reflect rising, unsettled tensions set against a dilapidated graffiti-strewn backdrop of urban decay. Adrenaline fueled plot lines and an attention-grabbing DIY wardrobe message of “Viva Hate” clarify the intention behind the nefarious actions whilst dramatic zoom lens and hypnotic backward flow of plumed detonations eerily bulge against sinister sunset horizons to drive the mind’s eye of imagination into a destructive overdrive of cathartic bliss.

RANK album release party at Sonic Lyon + MAUVAISE SURPRISE, 30/10/21

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Photo by Juliette Mono