WL//WH Video Of The Day: RAIN DOGS “Nights are Lonely”

Video Of The Day  RAIN DOGS

Back on track the “Electronic Rock’n’Roll” threesome from Melbourne, Rain Dogs with the brand new single, “Nights Are Lonely”, following the late 2021 self-titled EP, which captivated due to its atmospheric, cinematic, and immersive, vaguely  Suicide-esque, pulsing Synth-pop, steeped in nocturnal mystique.

The edgy and evocative “Nights Are Lonely” stirs a hypnotizing granular nighttime flow of urban vibrancy through a magnetic path of murky shadows and neon lights, driven ceaselessly by droning prowling bassline reiterations along with steady punchy snares and sneaky tinny hi-hats, pierced by poignant twangy guitar melodies, flourishing and echoing with heady passion around a soulfully swaggering male vocal attitude, releasing angsty aches and feral breathes into a restless horizon of dissociative moods

Blurry visuals shoot a lonely nocturnal walk through a hazy metropolis of hidden dreams. Narcotic flows of motion, graffiti-strewn architectures, and gritty downtown locations open up introspective doorways to insight and growth. Dim, shaky visions, seen from the viewpoint of an aimless, drunken soul, capture the essence of the soundtrack to invoke feelings of moody escapism from the impulsive, anonymous vibes of a random night out on the town.

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