WL//WH Video Of The Day: PURE ANIMA “Darkest Sewer”

Video Of The Day  PURE ANIMA

Pure Anima is a new solo act from Mexico City, with a leather-clad, Synth-laden dark Electronic sound, dusted with Industrial clatters and EBM punching energy, fresh from dropping his debut single/video by Atena Prod., “Darkest Sewer.”

Soaked in an ominous, lewd and sensuous aura, “Darkest Sewer” shuffles compulsive rattling claps with crashing snare beats, doomy buzz-laden bass lines and haunting vocal magnetism, to taunt and tease with filthy desires, into a claustrophobic wickedness of carnal passion.

The Official Video by Atena Prod. casts eerie red light filters over a shadowy performance to sync seamlessly with the dark eros of the soundtrack. Voyeuristic surveillance screens, symbolic poses, and suggestive violence lead the viewer into the disturbing headspace of an ailing soul whose obsessive fascination with another causes danger.

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