WL//WH Video Of The Day: PULSELOVERS “4 Loops”


South Yorkshire based Northern minimal electronic experimentalist and Woodford Halse tape label head, Mat Handley, AKA Pulselovers drops a conceptual video, created by Mark Holden AKA Invisible Plan, for the heady unreleased track “4 Loops,” as a tasty teaser for two forthcoming albums scheduled for release in 2022

With plenty of releases under his belt on DIY cult labels such as Castles in Space, Sensory Leakage, Misophonia Records, Russian Library and Do It Thissen, the Doncaster-based musician (also a member of Floodlights, vert:x, Klaudyna), deftly crafts luminous harmonic insights, visionary abstract plots and hypnotic rhythmic patterns rich in suggestions from the past, yet constantly projected toward the future, seamlessly handling, with meticulous balance, elements of electro, techno, IDM, hauntology, coldwave, kraut, electropop, and ambient.

“4 Loops” was made using (you guessed it) four synth drones recorded onto tape loops using an Uher 4000 Report Monitor.

Fizzing detonator hiss charges fear and anticipation through mechanical marching beats, echoing lashing disintegrations, and swirling sonar synth swathes to slowly surge into mind-bending waves of hypnosis expanding further through a muffled, buzzing groovy sonic hallucination to align dancing electronic wavelengths with otherworldly horizons of distant hope.

Electric multi-tonal visuals flash in sync with the outer-spacey soundtrack, igniting vertical shades to splice fragmented vision into swaying frequencies. Skewed geometric shapes carve subconscious symbols with negative energy to time travel through a methodical dance of melting teardrops and rotating flames, extracting zero gravity inhibitions from the systematically oppressed, while breaking invisible bars and locked inner doorways with an electro-magnetic flow of light.

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