WL//WH Video Of The Day : Publique “Suppression”

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I was tempted to insert the Australian post-punk five-piece Publique in the best of the year playlist, but at the end their debut was just an EP, or a minialbum as would have been called years ago, but what matters most at the end is their effective and addictive  brand of post-punk that combines the anguish and desolation typical of the genre, always marked by its own instinct for melody, with the immediacy of punk and hardcore.

The upcoming new two-track 7inch single “Suppression”, via Burning Rose Records, sounds angry and gloomy, made of a driven prominent bass, a propelling drums, echoing deathrock-like guitar riffs and the emotional snotty punkish vocals, building a powerful atmosphere that tends however to remain rather grim, showing a band growing in its own direction and strength.

Their 80’s influences are clear, but blended with their personal dense, honest and visceral attitude, make their sound utterly compelling and exciting.

Check the properly matching black&white video by Callum Van de Mortel with additional footage by Harry Maslen. 

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Burning Rose Records

Photo by Mitch Pinney

Written by Fabrizio Lusso