WL//WH Video Of The Day: PSYCHIC GUILT “Surge”

Track of the Day  Psychic Guilt

We talked last year (here) about the, now relocated to Portland, Oregon, darkwave project Psychic Guilt created by Amy Azucena and Conor Knowles of one-man-band Dancing Plague, the latter fresh from releasing his highly-recommended sophomore album “Too Still”.

The distinctively haunting vocal interplay between bittersweet female and baritone male vocals over pulsing electro rhythms, piercing guitars and ominous synths build a stirring and luringly brooding darkwave sound with an uncanny dream pop edge.

The duo has just dropped the video clip, directed by Robbie Racine, for the new song “Surge” taken from the forthcoming new EP “III” coming out September 14th on Bandcamp and September 18th on Spotify and all other platforms.

Grave somber esoteric lyrics beg the question, “Where do you go when you die?” in a serious, defensive, harrowed baritone growl dimly haloed by low, frightened female whispers burning to know, “Are you with me?” A chilling duet set within dramatic, moody atmospherics consisting  of quick urgent martial beats and eerily menacing synth chords, as hums and strums of searing guitar melodies wail and howl along with mesmeric buzzing basslines to form dark hypnotic soundscapes eliciting loss, isolation and primal fear.

Reminiscent of vintage 80’s disco videos, the accompanying visuals, directed by Robbie Racine, illustrate the lyrics as strobe lights, in sync with rushed jittery backbeats illuminate the silhouette of a woman as she walks to her demise. The scene cuts to a man running in slow-mo as he desperately tries to reach the woman inciting feelings of urgency and rising tension set against the backdrop of lysergic, moving stills regarding the alchemical elements of fire, air, water, and earth, transitioned by clips of fatal falls and other human sufferings to reflect the dire, certain, and powerless nature of Death.

Dark stark minimal sounds evoke fear, suffering and emotional turmoil as natural aesthetics blend with synthetic ones evolving, into a higher plain of existence.

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