WL//WH Video Of The Day: PROPTER HOC “The Mystick”

Video Of The Day  PROPTER HOC

Glasgow, Scotland-based beat-driven Dark Wave artist Propter Hoc follows last February’s 11-track debut album, “History the Operator”, with a crafty, immersive DIY video for the darkly whimsical latest singleThe Mystick.”

Eerie lyrics build an esoteric domain of dark magics and forbidden identities using references from Carl Jung, Dostoevsky, and archetypical tarot figures to induce chilling visual sensations.

Propelled by an intoxicating and crackling urgency, “The Mystick” combines mesmeric rolling, galloping bass tones, frenetic warped icy melodies, punchy dancing beats and haunting, buzzing echoes into a disorienting strobing chaos around magnetic, ominous baritone vocals, casting Latin spells and hexes through a swirling and zapping effect-laden domain of relentless, obsessive alchemy.

Dramatic depth-defying imagery layers subliminal smoky airs, metaphysical literature, and wicked transformations into an evocative gothic-tinged reverie. An edgy black-clad performance, guided by penetrating eye contact, bewitching hand suggestions, and high flicker rates, draws the viewer into a parallel timeline where witchy symbolism, secret rituals, and shape-shifting agendas invoke mystery and fear.

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