WL//WH Video Of The Day: PROLEPSIS “Paralysis”

Video Of The Day  PROLEPSIS  

Experimenting since 2020 with a dark and introspective cathartic combination of Post-punk, Darkwave, and Coldwave infused with an intense dose of Electronics/EBM and lyrics rooted in loneliness and depression, Ecuadorian solo project based in Quito, Prolepsis, gives us a tantalizing taste of his upcoming sophomore album with a brilliantly cohesive phantasmagoric video for the new single “Paralysis.”

The evocative lyrics dwell in the psychological realm of depression, using a warped lens of “Paralysis” to evoke feelings of exhaustion, breathlessness, tears, and visions of death.

“Paralysis” triggers an eerie underwater immersion into thick murky textures that layer droning, oppressive bass tones, hypnotic lashing snare beats, sinister icy bright synth swathes, urgent muted ripples, and off-kilter 32GB zip swirls, to drown deep airless vocals of numb claustrophobic panic in a merciless mercurial whirlwind of anxious dread.

Surreal auras cast distorted views over vast seashores to depict the skewed perceptions of a crippling mental disturbance. Muted sunrays create unnatural glistening hues over nausea-inducing waves to sway slow-motion trace overlays atop a dramatic interpretation of intense emotional suffering. Blood-stained hallucinations concoct a full-blown out-of-body and mind “Paralysis” using a graphic finale to sync perfectly with the internal lyrical fear and obsession of a severed beating heart.

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