WL//WH Video Of The Day : PROJET MARINA “Guider Ses Pas”

Video Of The Day   Projet Marina  

 Projet Marina masterfully combines minimalistic instrumentation made up of guitar, analogue synths and drum machines to create a blend of 80’s post-punk, electro-pop and krautrock.

Krautrock influenced with electro undertones, “Guider Ses Pas”, part of the forthcoming album due out in June, is an exercise in mind-bending, a perfect blend of restless and bleakness, repetition and drive, leading obsessive motorik beats intertwined with layers of mesmerizing, free-floating synthesizers and lysergic guitar lines, backed by detached yet foreboding vocals, to evoke feelings of anxiety and gloom beneath the surface and, at the same time, a blissful dance-inducing state of trance.

Check out the amazing video choreography, directed and edited by Elodie Francheteau Dance featuring the dancer Pauline Sol Dourdin.

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