WL//WH Video Of The Day: PRISMATIC SHAPES “Fateful Wish”

Video Of The Day  Prismatic Shapes

Following last April’s release of their debut album “Deadbeat”, a fine attempts to capture the influence of iconic Scottish bands from the 80’s like The Wake, Lowlife and Cocteau Twins, through their shimmering and captivating Shoegaze, Post Punk sound, self-dubbed “synthgaze for wistful hearts”, stylish Mexico City‘s trio “Prismatic Shapes“, made up of frontman, synth-player and composer Pedro Gopar, bassist Ricci Macciavelo and guitarist Guillermo Torres, have just dropped a music video for the thought-provoking track “Fateful Wish,” composed of poignant, sparkling guitar with strong leanings to pop culture from the 80s and early 90s.

Urgent, sparkly guitar melodies blaze through steady drum beats and rapid lashing snare beats over the low throbbing bass line’s subtle, serpentine slink, while intense, baritone male vocals breathlessly tremble in turbulent waves of warm atmospheric synth.

Narrative lyrics pull inspiration from history to become a reflection of a memory, thus a recollection with no physical substance

Retro Black and white video, directed by Azael Arroyo in Super 8 format brings forth the analog sensation of the ’80s, flickers under the revolving wheel of aged cinematic film drawing an oppositional conflict with the modern message of the clip,

“We are social institutions that fade among a brittle reality, victims of a holographic time within geography full of cracks and cultural pillars. Film reminds us of this constant material: Space forks. It breaks us.”

Flashing and spinning auras melt into hypnotic overlays of a busy midtown locale centred around a huge historic monument while a prism lens reflects a dizzying array of cool 80s inspired styles. Time-lapse photography accelerates vintage newspaper readings, while geographic shapes and patterns cut an edgy peephole over model-esqe poses, channelling yet another throwback dimension into the eclectic mix of time altering eras.

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