WL//WH Video Of The Day: POSTMODERNISM FORMS “Otra Realidad Irreal”

Video Of The Day Postmodernism Forms

The electronic transmedia duo, Postmodernism Forms, based in Bogotà, Colombia, made up of Erika Gómez and Andrés Royet, keep on transmitting waves and frequencies from the Southern hemisphere, this time with the imaginative new video for the track “Otra Realidad Irreal”, as part from the forthcoming 2020 album “Alteraciones Digitales”.

Dark and sinister auras pulse tense urgent beats into a warped undulating bass undertow of dance treachery and mind manipulation, as high adrenaline buzzing synth march under distorted vocal allure and disconnection, echoing mindlessly into the intoxicating loops and rhythms relentless inertia.

Esoteric lyrics unveil the other side of the hologram, in its shadowy layers and extensions, as “another unreal reality in the reflection of the night.”

The intense video explores an endless dimension of pink and blue neon reflections pulsing through a blurred cityscape cast in muted strobe light effects, time-lapse anomalies, and menacing blends of alternate realities to form a hypnotic dreamlike sequence trapped in multiple identity madness.

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