WL//WH Video Of The Day : POSTMODERNISM FORMS “Mirror Of Wave”

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Once again Bogotà, Colombia’s Erika Gómez and Andrés Royet under their electronic transmedia moniker Postmodernism Forms have brought us an intoxicating new video and song ‘Mirror of Wave’ from their forthcoming album “Synthetic Society” due out in October 2018. Following the release of their Videos/Songs entitled “Absolute Time” back in May (here), and the recent “Night of the South Winds”, the duo has once again created a captivating mental abstraction through audio visual experience. Bringing us a song and video that evokes feelings of love, rebirth, and unlimited possibilities.

Strong pulsating drum machines, dark cyberpunk synths, and techno dance sounds intertwined with Erika’s hypnotic, detached sensual vocals build a sense of foreboding, that quickly turns into a mysterious love story.

A song about change, reflection, and the unknown. Not unlike the tenants of Buddhism, it is how all creatures and living things are connected, and how when one dies their body is re-entered into the universe through decay and growth. “Mirror of Wave” differs in that it has couples in it. A man and a woman, a rooster and a hen, and two pigeons. Thus giving the wonderfully romantic idea that we return with our soul mate intermingling through eternity together. They have finally returned together free and with joy and are able to look down upon the earth, with the knowledge that this is not the last time they will change forms.

The video accompaniment to the song has a lot of symbolism between light and dark, pairs, and decay. We see two mirrors, one in the shape of a woman, the other a man. Both reflecting light out of a dark hole. Beneath their feet lay decaying leaves, branches, even bone. The rooster and a hen, once again represent duality and pairs alike. Finally two pigeons, one black, one white symbolizing the ultimate eternal pairing. A brilliant representation of the song!

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