WL//WH Video Of The Day: POSTMODERN FORMS “Death”

Video Of The Day Postmodern Forms

Barcelona, Spain based, Colombian ‘Transmedia’ Electronic experimentalists Andres Gomez and Erika Royet AKA Postmodern Forms release a cinematic DIY video for the metaphysical new track “Death”, taken from the upcoming album “Dolor”.

An intoxicating blend of mesmeric voices and synthetic textures opens inter-dimensional doorways of perception, as alarming arcane synth tolls drone ominously in the distance, while treacherous bass waves scan EMP-like signals atop repetitive slashing ritual beats, to tear through the delicate fabric of electronic frequencies with powerful force.

An expanding layer of dual vocalizations bewitches with an alluring magnetism of female enchantments whispering pain into shrill surrealities, breathless sighs, and eerie spoken word disintegrations to harmonize seamlessly with the penetrating disconnection of male offerings echoing distorted, baritone menace, through the haunting, poetic lyrical incantations of esoteric revelations.

Dark disenchanted woods set the stage for a symbolic unwinding of recorded history, as a hypnotic backward flow of magnetic motion devolves, binding flesh to earth with universal symbols suspended in time. Sweeping camera angles transform time-lapsed views of archetypal figures veiled by the secrecy of black lace to perform a weightless interpretation of “Death” under nature’s tall trunks of wisdom and majesty, as minuscule rays of light pierce the balcony with reflections of life.

‘Dolor’ AIMEDNALP 2021

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