Video Of The Day Pornographie Exclusive  

Arose from the “creative and amorous alchemy” of classically trained multi-instrumentalist and actress Severine Cayron and film director and musician Jerome Vandewattyne, Brussels-based Cold Wave/Electro Rock act, Pornographie Exclusive, follow last October 2023’s debut single, “A Party in Tears”, with the music video for the second outing “Cracks”, building anticipation for the band’s debut album, via Raum Antibody label and Two Lovers Records.

An Industrial-streaked visceral and thrilling Elettro-Rock number deals with a disconnected couple that becomes distrustful of one another, to induce a droning surge of throbbing obsession from menacing growling low ends, along with clanking and slapping lilting percussions, to drive grungily through dramatic glassy synth tunnels trapping angsty fearful female vocals and cold baritone broods under a glaring claustrophobic prison of ceremonial pain.

Symbolic DIY visuals cast strobing red lights over a shadowy performance by Pornographie Exclusive while an audience of inhuman spectators mock the lyrics of the soundtrack. Imaginative and grotesque cut scenes use horror make-up and effects by Daphnée Beaulieu and Erwan Simon (Squid Lab) to dramatically bring forth the hellish nature of a toxic romance.

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