WL//WH Video Of The Day : PORK PIE “Dinner And Wine”

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Weston-super-Mare is a seaside town in Somerset, England, on the Bristol Canal, the young post-punk trio Pork Pie, as their biography points out, are probably the raddest thing to come out from there since Monty Python’s John Cleese. The band are going to release their new EP “Post Maudlin” via Bristol’s Breakfast Records, the follow up to last year’s promising “Maudlin Rhymes”, with their taut and raw as well as sweet and delicate take on post-punk .

“Dinner and Wine” is a song about heartbreak, being let down, continuing to hope despite what has happened, in life or death. It is about the realization that you cannot control another person, let alone be defined by them. A slow burner introduced by gloomy bass, and menacingly calm guitar chords. The vocals are initially tedious and detached but become more pleading and heartbroken, climaxing into pure anger, guilt and escapism backed by dissonant, sharp and abrasive guitars and pulsating rhythms, delivering a tense, immersive and emotional sound that is as essential and noisy as it is fragile and touching.
Check out the video directed and edited by Will Hooper.

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