WL//WH Video of the Day : POLYVERSO “Antagonista (Disobey)”

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Polyverso is the new side-project of multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer and half of Paris-based darkwave duo EchoberylAdriano Locoangeli together with Rome‘s singer/lyricist Ari. A urgent, energetic and infectious mix of synth-driven darkwave, post-punk, new wave suggestions beautifully enhanced by Ari’s evocative voice and lyrics taking a stand against conformity and standardization

A new video for the title track of their upcoming debut album ‘Antagonista’, due out January 26, 2019 via Swiss Dark Nights label, has just been dropped.

“Antagonista” is a darkly vibrant, energetic, vexing new-wave infused synth-pop number ready to hit the most discerning of the dancefloors! Made with fast paced pounding drums, wobbling and buzzing bass, emotive tinny guitar lines and hypnotic swaying warped synth that bounce, wriggle and pulse like a beating heart around Ari’s sweetly haunting detached frightened vocals of concerned anguish.

A song about anonymity, chance encounters, and running away. A woman plays with fire living a disillusioned life of dangerous, erotic games becoming lost and detached in a fantasy world where no one can save her or even knows her name.

The accompanied visuals use red and black filters, an unfocused static jittery lens, and distorted shadows to create an atmosphere of disturbed tension, and chaos as an insatiable woman dances persistently with a confused confidence while glimpses of screaming lips, nail scratching skin, and hands choking a neck flutter in and out of focus. It’s as if she is physically free but mentally bound by a dark seductive force she cannot escape.

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