WL//WH Video Of The Day: PÓLIPO “Photosynthesis of meat, Metamorphosis of light”

Video Of The Day  PÓLIPO  

Fabricated in the purest extreme production style. The electronic base recorded at night, voice recorded in the traffic jam and visuals the next afternoon, to capture the moment of anguish that Madrid based Experimental /Minimal Electronics duo Mariano Biencinto (Pawboss) + Tom Esmiz (MILF Burray, Los Esmiz, DVRALEX, Explosivos Riotinto) AKA Polipo deliver us in the new single/video “Photosynthesis of meat, Metamorphosis of light” via fellow independent netlabel Contubernio Records.

Crisp and crackling repetitive rhythmic pattern steers cathartic rays of murky waves and surreal vibrations that unroll into droning ripples of tragedy and hope lit by eerie, tremoring synth stabs emit fragile sonar echoes, to expand stubbornly, under the heavy submerged weight of emotional bondage to carry the angsty disconnection of vocal evolutions through an encapsulating cocoon of transformative insight.

Vintage tinged black and white video, by Pawboss, captures a phantasmagoric projection of a poetic, lyrical metaphor to dispel the misunderstood duality of nature with a harmonic, protective, and healing vision. Somber daydreams compel an enigmatic quest through the rubbles of urban decay to land shirtless under a cloudless sky of Destiny. Broken dreams line a disturbed foundation for a lost soul where shattered window glass, time-lapsed shadows, and sepia stained memories deconstruct a dire portrait of pain. Windswept reflections trigger etched symbols of protection and rebirth from a subconscious well of unseen forces to invoke ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge toward an open field of eternal perception.

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