WL//WH Video Of The Day: POCKET KNIFE ARMY “Intruders, liars, invaders, thieves”

Video Of The Day Pocket Knife Army

Hailing from the Netherlands, Utrecht‘s bold, vigorous and urgent electro-rock duo Pocket Knife Army, comprised of ‘multitasking’ musicians Desirée Coumans & Erwin Tuijl, have been on a roll with a critically acclaimed sophomore album “Forever Counting Sheep”, an invitation to play during Tallinn Music Week, and a burgeoning international recognition from which a challenge to write, arrange, and produce a song, including a filmed live session, each month. After 14 completed tracks and videos the couple faced an obstacle they could not have predicted, The Corona Virus.

“We’re stuck at home, and we couldn’t meet with our dear Jesse, who films our live sessions from day one. So we made this track with the instruments we had at home, and Jesse made a brilliant video out of it. “

Track 15, “Intruders, liars, invaders, thieves” is inspired from Tim Burton‘s infamous 1988’s movie ‘Beetlejuice’, voted on by PKA’s social media fans, and the duo, once again, pushes the concept of live electronica to its limit in a brazen nod to the title character’s iconic personality.

Photo by Maan.

Deep dirty distorted vibrations disintegrate off loud pounding boom beats, while intense toxically abrasive electronic swathes shameless flash over light melodies and creeping bassline treachery, while meticulously fast-paced, tough gal vocals rhythmically rant, taunt, and haunt about all the “Intruders, Liars, Invaders, Thieves, Imposters, and Infiltrators” that have tried to capture her soul.

DIY video made with “Just a torchlight from a phone, a camera, and some fooling around”, captures the extreme vibe of the song in minimal fashion as black and white photography dramatizes raw emotion and passion depicted in curt keyboard strikes, fierce facial expressions, and swarming cannibalistic ants. Strobing spotlight accuracy directs the eye while shadows cast mystery and intrigue into the stunning imagery in sync with the frenetic laptop composition, expressive vocals, and film driven lyrics.

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