WL//WH Video Of The Day: ±0 (PLUSMINUSNULA) “Světy / Worlds”

Video Of The Day  ±0 (PLUSMINUSNULA)

Prague, Czechia‘s Alternative Rock foursome Plusminusula ±0 drop a Brat Packish video, directed by Jakub Jirásek, for the metaphysical track “Světy” (Worlds), the first single from the forthcoming 8-track sophomore album “Nový zprávy žádný” scheduled for release on June 25, 2021.

Blending noisy indie-rock and 80s poignant post-punk with noir nuances, “Světy” triggers persistent ringing guitar melodies and subduedly abrasive burning riffs fraying fierce energy into deep pulsing bass lines and steady, punchy drum beats, to ebb and flow in unison with the compelling and passionate Czechian male vocals’ heartfelt delivery of esoteric lyrics, time travelling through pain, anxiety, and regret, into an unrelenting moment of powerless hope.

An engaging video, created by Jakub Jirásek of the post-rock band Cold Cold Nights, featuring members of  Vellocet Roll and ROLE, set against the backdrop of an artsy hipster cocktail lounge, draws warm and dangerous vibes from a brazen, impromptu performance. Dramatic red and blue jewel tones enhance mysterious moods over a hip and trendy bar, where a group gathers to watch their friend take centre stage at the karaoke machine. Polarizing, yet complementary symbols build a dark anticipation as disruptive surges of carefree expressionism flow into a perfectly balanced, uninhibited release of heady tension.

±0 (PLUSMINUSNULA) second album “Nový zprávy žádný” is due out, Vinyl 12/CD & Digital, on June 25, 2021.

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