WL//WH Video of the Day: PINK ELEPHANTS “Better Days”

Video of the Day The Pink Elephants

Transcontinental Psychedelic/Shoegaze band The Pink Elephants, lead by Ottawa, Canada‘s multi-instrumentalist and composer Peter McNestry (vocals, guitar, synth, drums) along with Athens, Greece based Art Pegis (vocals, guitar, synth) and vocalist Sophia Mamassi, skillfully mold from groovy rhythms, searing droning synths, treated guitars and female bewitching vocals, to create hypnotic, hazy soundscapes as abstract and atmospheric, as they are oppressive and otherworldly, rich of intense emotional nuances drenched in subtle deep contrasts of calm and tension, rapture and anguish, lights and shadows.

The group have dropped at the start of June the 4-track EP “In Death We Ascend And Carry The Light” with new collaborations: Sofia Vondell (vocals), Simon Mackie (drums, vocals, guitar) and Gabriella Cos (vocals), and from which comes the video for the song “Better Days” featuring Gabriella Cos on lead vocals and effects.

Trance inducing repetitive steady syncopated backbeats and loud emerging synth noises loudly whistle and blow as sultry, tempestuous, dreamy female vocals of pain, obsession, and longing drift and drone mocking a man stuck in an insatiable overstimulated world where everything is a click away. Deep echoes and mystical hums interspersed by striking sharp synths and deep guitar reverberations pierce the hazy atmospherics inebriated in careless doubt taking you through waves of trance and stunning electric shock.

A mysterious dream leads a woman to seek and find her fantasy, but all is not fun and games as she repeatedly asks him to take her away to better days. Taunts and dares reveal a darker side as she intentionally points out his insecurities and then says, “I tried to give you a warning, Why would you run, When you can fly?”.  
A surreal video blurs, mixes, and hides images in the background creating a dualism between the real world and dreamland. Strobe lights flash across her wide maniac eyes as she searches for a vortex that connects the two realms. A James Bond Dance begins with her silhouette in a leotard moving as if underwater with her body split in half representing the two realms. Strange images appear blurred behind her as she shapeshifts from birds to angels bathed in neon lights as animated illustrations of faces dancing, merging, and meeting flash rapidly in quixotic bliss.
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Cover of the forthcoming The Pink Elephants’ release “God’s Children Breath The Ether While Holding Up The Sky” due out October 2019