WL//WH Video Of The Day: PETRIFIED ENTITY “Someone Else” (Official Video)


Petrified Entity is the prolific Darkwave brainchild of Richmond, Virginia’s Tony Gloom, who has just dropped today his umpteenth album in the year, “The Beyond”, the fourth if we also count the collection “B-​-Sides & Rarities”, heralded by an official video for the latest single “Someone Else”.

Petrified Entity crafts a Goth-streaked minimal and atmospheric blend of EBM, Techno, Cold Wave and Post-punk elements to build a continuously changing and evolving Dark electronic sound.

Confessional lyrics capture the regret and shame experienced by a brokenhearted soul who watches an ex-lover grow and become “Someone Else” whilst roaming unchanged in lonely darkness.

Nostalgic, misty high-energy restlessness bounces through repetitive tightly thumping rhythms and percussive clicking shakes woven with ominously gurgling and pulsing basslines, layered with subtly ringing wistful guitar echoes, to overshadow lost, haunted vocal obsessions blurred with cold alienation, lit by dim melodies of icy bright hope.

Trippy black and white visuals sync hypnotic slow-motion explosions with the surreal vibes of the soundtrack to display, symbolically, a purgatorial headspace where one might get stuck and just watch things happen. Cloned gel busts take the brunt of a fired cannonball to emit shapeshifting faces, fused identities, and shattered psyches whilst cymatic pulses ebb and flow in alternating back-and-forth frequencies to match the lyrical content.

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