WL//WH Video Of The Day: PETRIFIED ENTITY “Grey Days”


Following the promising debut s/t EP back at the end of 2018, Richmond, Virginia’s enigmatic gothic dark electronics brainchild of Tony Gloom, AKA Petrified Entity effortlessly fusing elements of Darkwave, Coldwave, Post-punk, Techno and Minimal Synth fueled with Industrial and EBM strewn rhythmic inflexions, finally delivers its turbulent and gloomy debut 10-track full-length album “Womb to the Grave.”, penetrating and dancing hopelessly into the dirgey crevices of a dystopic world shrouded pitch-black darkness and impending doom.

The LP is paired with the DIY visuals for dark and gritty lead track “Grey Days”, laced with dire lyrics brood in a mental loop of depression and dread, only to discover a strange fondness for the apocalyptic reign of foggy skies.

Disorienting, hectic moods are driven by the urgent dancing pace of punchy hypnotic snare beats, stark crispy claps, and buzzing bouncy bass tones, contorted by frenetic shivering synth strains and jittery glaring swirls, into manic waves of robotic anxiety over distorted menacing vocal shouts, to drive desperate obsessions into a newfound acceptance for a never-ending cycle of “Grey Days.”

The eerie abstract black and white video shoots inter-dimensional graveyard kinesis under the haunting glow of full moon madness. Negative light photography and strobing filters capture hidden energies emerging from religious statuary whilst murky visions shift shapes and shadows into a parallel realm of secret symbols and lost memories, seamlessly in sync with the nefarious vibes of the soundtrack.

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