WL//WH Video Of The Day : Petra Flurr & 89s† “Purple Eyes”

WL//WH Video Of The Day 

Sexual genre defying artist and charismatic multifaceted punk performer, DJ, activist and ‘agent provocateur’ Petra Flurr is certainly not a new name in the underground dark scene, began to experiment with music back in the 1996 in Madrid with the personal project Chronicles of MePetra has released in the years three full-lengths and fronted also the garage/psychobilly band Krakovia.
Relocated to Berlin, Petra did several joint (with Modernista) and side projects (Leather Ladder), started a synth-punk / minimal electro-wave music collaboration with Mexican producer and DJ Carlos GrabStein a.k.a. 89st. Under the moniker Petra Flurr & 89s† have just dropped the self-produced debut CD album “Monotone Zone” with the record release party planned next August 2nd at Berlin’s Urban Spree art gallery.
“Purple Eyes” is a minimal and hypnotic synth-punk hit against the dirty lies of nowadays hypocritical and superficial society. Propelled by warbling, ominous bass synth pulses, heavy pounding synthetic beats, building in intensity and depth, fuelled by the rebellious, taunting and defiant vocals that rouse to action, and take charge of our own life and stand up for what we believe in…just in time before we die. 
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