WL//WH Video Of The Day: PERMANEÇO DEITADA “Incensos de Canela” (Oficial vídeo)

Video Of The Day Permaneço Deitada

Juiz De Fora based, Brazilian Experimental /Post-Punk /Darkwave duo Permaneço Deitada, comprised of Bira L. Silva (vocals, lyrics) and Yugh Synth (synth, bass, piano), release a soul-stirring DIY music video for the intoxicating new single “Incensos de Canela” from the forthcoming 8-track album “Dedicado aos Caracóis” due out April the 4th, via their own record label Pluto in Pedaços Records.

A wistful, tinkling neoclassical piano prologue wanes somberly while eerie lustrous synth strains drone and swirl intensely over the throbbing pull of a deep magnetic bassline and steady punchy beats, churning around hypnotic expressive male vocals hissing and moaning in reprehensive taunts with the sinister echo of back-up whispers, as severe, unforgiving piano notes cut relentless fear through the ominous omens of rhapsodic doom.

Mystical lyrics reveal a death and the great sadness that follows, leading to a proclamation, “Everything is hollow, Everything is the Same, Everything passed.”

A gripping video accompaniment, framed in a “film noir” technique, begins with a quote from Chilean artist  Alejandro Jodorowsky regarding the powerful connection that exists between memory and smell. Black and white photography encircles a dramatic depiction of a childhood game involving a burial ritual and a beloved wedding portrait to form a story about lost innocence. Surreal textures layer acting sequences with universal symbols of joy, love, and sorrow, to ignite an emotional tension bleeding with subconscious memories. Smoky and seductive transition scenes draw an ominous foreboding from a hypnotic hand dance, while an intense musical performance and split-screen overlays merge alternate dimensions over a tragic finale, where the shock filled eyes of a youngster reflect the unforgivable comprehension and confusion of the death of Rabbit man.

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Foto: Flávia Lopes