WL//WH Video Of The Day: PERLEE “Reckoning”

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Perlee is the music project of Saramai and Cormac, an Alternative /Indie /Dream Pop duo from Ireland who are approaching the April 21, 2023 release of their long-awaited debut full-length album, “Speaking From Other Rooms,” with a video by Zoe Bassi (Best Films Forever) for the whimsically melancholic single, “Reckoning,” a song about facing the truth despite great challenges.

An abrasive, sparkling, ethereal realm of celestial fantasy, disrupted by buzzing swells of distorted guitar textures, shifting drum beats, and trembling bass lines, carry beautifully sad angelic vocals, layered with ecstatic choral cries, into a drifting timeless agony and ecstasy on the brink of shattered dreams.

Surreal visuals, by Zoe Bassi of BFF, transform “Everything will be fine,” a still three-dimensional art installation by Verena Bachl, into a magical kaleidoscopic realm of endless imaginations. Up-close camera work, liquid overlays, and swirling time-lapsed motion extracts subconscious thought forms from an archetypal well of universal symbols and memories to sync seamlessly with the Lynchian vibes of the soundtrack.

Perlee’s debut album, “Speaking From Other Rooms,” is slated for release, in Vinyl 12″/CD & Digital formats, on April 21st via Greenbay Records / Backseat.

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