WL//WH Video Of The Day : PEREL “Alles”

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Perel is the moniker of Berlin based, Saxony bred, Ossi proud, ecleptic dj/producer Annegret Fiedler.

Impressed in her childhood by the early 80’s synth-pop sound of an Eurythmics cassette, she developed since her own enthralling blend of electro-pop, post-punk, kraut, disco and techno.

Just last evening I was listening to her excellent deep and disco flavoured remix of Pin Up Club‘s “Naoshima” and few days ago her equally amazing DHA mix for Deep House Amsterdam, to complete the ‘triptych’ here is the visuals for “Alles” second single taken from the debut album “Hermetica” out now via James Murphy’s DFA Records.

Rooted in the early 80’s synthpop,“Alles” is driven by an awe-inspiring melodic and groovy Peter Hook-like bassline and repetitive beats. The spectral teutonic, charming, vocals, the deep electronic textures and the moving, mournful and hypnotic resonance of the mid 80’s The Cure-like synth lines, build a shadowy and bleak atmosphere of deep melancholy, with the allure of something darker lurking just beneath the surface, by contrast simultaneously providing for warm, even glowing, emotional vibrations, that make it an utterly addictive and refreshing listening.

“Hermetica”, a title inspired by series of Egyptian-Greek didactic texts, meant to help the willing student better understand the cosmos, divinity, and nature, with its intriguing and fascinating amalgamations of styles and contrasts of tones and atmospheres, is definitely one of the most effective and imaginative electronic album of the year.

Check out the amazing Lewie Kloster‘s hand-crafted video, apparently dystopian, ending with real fire that seems to destroy all the illusions…

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