WL//WH Video Of The Day : PELNIA “Forget The Memories”

Video Of The Day Pelnia

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, Pelnia is the solo project of Krzysztof Buffi, a dismal melding of darkwave, coldwave and new wave suggestions, the ‘sounds of tears falling down on the floor’ as he properly describes his music.

The sophomore single “Forget The Memories” is a moving, somber portrait of a loved one lost.
Sparse icy and clanging synthetic industrial rhythms punctuate echoing hypnotic sinister synth lines and fade into a murky blur of dense throbbing melodic basslines, simmering tribalistic drum patterns and wistful, searing guitar sounding melodies lying the groundwork for wavering drab baritone vocals of forlorn, longing, and dismay rise to a higher pitch and timbre Robert Smith-esque laments about pain, grief, and past tragedies, culminating with an upward intensity surge in all the instruments, heightened by urgent bass riffs, as they rush tirelessly to the end.

Shock and denial seep quickly into a desperate man’s heart. Not alone, but not unified? Trying in vein to release the haunted memories from this day, “Cold red, kitchen floor.” One last time to say goodbye and, “forget the memories” of the tragic past.
A homage to life, family, and how quickly it can change……Press play begins our nostalgic journey to a brief moment in time that tragically changed a man’s life forever.

Haunting imagery, flashing lights, and different facets of illumination and shadows morph distortions photography techniques used reflect dark isolated and macabre themes. Check out the new video directed by Krzysztof Buffi himself, pulsing film editing alter, exaggerate, and keeps the beat on point luring you into a world of lysergic creations of the mind.

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