WL//WH Video Of The Day: PARTIKUL “I’m Yours”

Video Of The Day  PARTIKUL

Brussels-based Dark Electro-Wave duo Aly (Synths, Drum Machine) and Stef (guitar, vocals) AKA Partikul return with an imaginative music video directed by Edouard Chandelle for the love song, “I’m Yours”, off of last year’s highly-regarded 10-track debut album “Related Memories”, via fellow DIY Belgian label Exist does not Exist Records.

A beautiful love poem written by Stef to his wife captures the eternal love and adoration found within his heart.

Immersive and ghostly, “I’m Yours” is led by steady punchy drum beats, amidst mechanical tinny chimes, wobbling ceaselessly along with an intense flow of buzzing bass vibrations, slowly penetrated by poignant searing guitar sweeps and swishing synth swathes, into a ritualistic river of emotional potency to carry heartfelt romantic male devotions into an unstoppable outpouring of eternally stirring passions.

A clever high-tech video accompaniment by Edouard Chandelle projects the dynamic duo onto an edgy urban backdrop to shift time and space into an alternate dimension of holographic light frequencies. Starlit window reflections, lively beer garden revelers and invigorating twilight auras set the stage for an impromptu virtual performance along a bustling boulevard in Brussels, to sync seamlessly with the alluring darkness of the soundtrack.

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