WL//WH Video Of The Day: PARIS ALEXANDER “Renaissance” (feat. EIRENE)

Video Of The Day Paris Alexander feat Eirene

Brighton, UK based Electronic / Coldwave solo project of singer, songwriter, music producer and long time Antipole collaborator, Paris Alexander, urgently brews mechanical rhythms, evocative, bright synth swells and alluring Bowie-tinged husky croon in the riveting title track “Renaissance“, featuring fellow vocalist, lyricist Eirene, taken from his forthcoming debut solo album via his own Blue Door Production, accompanied by an organic DIY video. 

Peppy dance beats propel warm glaring keyboard chords to ebb and flow hypnotically over low clipping pulses and buzzing bass lines, while sensual atmospheric male vocals release layers of emotional pain, echoed by the evocative agony and ecstasy of Eirene’s back-up hums and purrs, rising and falling in an impassioned interplay of harmonies, amid distant clapping effects and euphoric horn-like synth melodies, to explore the devastation of shattered dreams and the cold, empty fear that sits beside unbridled fires burning within.

Black and white video follows a rambling path through the woods, while keen camera angles and editing techniques distort shadows into universal symbols of death and rebirth. Captivating panoramic views reflect the unseen mystery of Mother Nature with vast fields and rolling hills, stretching as far as the eye can see around an old tree, whose gnarled limbs reach toward the grey, somber skies with intent and purpose, unearthing a surreal landscape from a pastime dimension.

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