WL//WH Video Of The Day: PARIS ALEXANDER “Devour” (feat. EIRENE)

Video Of The Day Paris Alexander feat Eirene

Brighton, UK based Electronic / Coldwave solo project of singer, songwriter, music producer and long time Antipole collaborator, Paris Alexander, is back with a new DIY music video for the haunting synth wave tune “Devour“, featuring, as usual, fellow vocalist, lyricist  Eirene, second single taken from his forthcoming debut solo album via his own Blue Door Production.

“Devour“ weaves eerily icy bright swirling synth melodies that pierce droning bass pulses and sparkling somber guitar strains, opening spatial realms, cut in hypnotic off-tempo beats, to drag dire reflections and desperate attempts into the airless, atmospheric male vocals, absorbing obsessive tendencies of heartache and fear, while beautiful siren-esque croons gently caress haunted moans with haloed whispers to sway the cinematic soundscape into an intense journey of fate.

Sentient lyrics drown in an unyielding balance of agony and ecstasy during an impassioned struggle to attain enlightenment from the psychological torment of past pain.

Smoke and shadows form surreal dimensions between dark and light, surrounding three distinct figures engaged in a ceremonial stance. Time decelerates motion into a spectral embrace, freezing faces to conceal intimate desires under the wise halo of tree branches, stretching ever farther toward the starry sky. Dark veiled wings open and close astral planes, allowing billowing smoke plumes to rise gracefully into abstract flames, devouring doubt and dissipating ephemerality from the slight body movements hiding subconscious existence.

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