WL//WH Video Of The Day: PARANORMALES “Camino”

Video Of The Day Paranormales

Fresh from their brilliant sophomore album “Contra”, through Cleopatra Records, whose goodness our Mike sang the praise of in his review (here) and eagerly on the starting grid for some European live dates, Barcelona-based post-punkers Paranormales, made up of Ana Ruiz on vocals and keyboards, J.Carlos Delgado on bass, synthesizers and vocals, David Toro on guitar, and Diogo Santos on drums, have just shared the Official Music Video for “Camino”, directed & edited by Sean Vertigo (@sean.vertigo). 

The most introspective, intense, and gloomily melancholic song of the album, “Camino”, meshes steady lashing snare beats and bouncing hypnotizing bass progressions punctuated by lilting resonant tinkling notes, while descending uncanny chiming piano melodies flicker through evocative glowing synth swirls and sparse searing excruciating guitar strains over fearfully haunted female vocals, haloed in deep baritone male choral exhalations, hiding in anxiety and misunderstood alienation tinged with a dour haze of impending doom.

Ominous lyrics reveal contradictions between perception and reality in the form of volatile silences and “wolves in sheep’s clothing” in a tension soaked release of free thought.

Symbolic video dramatically depicts two different paths that both lead to the afterlife. Dramatic scenes alternate between a colourful prayer scene, lit in an array of different candles flickering hypnotically, as tears fall from the frightened eyes of a woman clutching a rosary and a colourless cityscape that follows a young woman desperately avoiding others on her way to visit a cemetery grave with the chorus emblazoned upon it.

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