WL//WH Video Of The Day: PARADOX OBSCUR unveil “Abeyance” from the upcoming “SYNΘESIS” LP


Video Of The Day  Paradox Obscur

On December 5, Paradox Obscur from Athens GR unveiled the brand new and fresh in the flesh official video clip of ‘Abeyance’ from the upcoming album ‘SYNΘESIS’ that is slated for release on March 15, 2020! For once more, this outstanding outfit, which is comprised of Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor, pushes its own edges to peculiar sonic trails while keeping their faith to the Darkwave sinus. Paradox Obscur has released so far a string of amazing records since 2014 (“Noir” EP, S/T LP) and had offered two monumental releases for the European Darkwave music, ‘Anacrusis’ LP (2015) and the ‘Artifact’ album (2017).

While being accustomed to the darker shades of music, this duo never hesitated to experiment a lot with their music as they are constantly blending it with minimal wave soundscapes, electroclash (EBM) paradigms, the melodic chants of the gothic-oriented narration, and the Darkwave sincerely. This time it couldn’t be different while seeing that the band now plays gently with a bit of a hidden techno approach and without throwing out any of the cells and the principles of the band’s DNA, they offer another startling specimen of their song-writing skills.

It seemed for quite some time that both Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor were not only willing to expand their musical horizons but as they are so much skilled, they included in their side projects and solo records a number of their private twists and their desired maneuvers. You must check what Kriistal Ann implies with her latest solo album ‘Touched On The Raw’ and her side-project with Chroma Carbon, Sine Silex. You should also check Toxic Razor in his solo works either he names it as Metal Disco or as Eerie Sopor. It is the same man with many names and with a lot of musical suspense. Paradox Obscur though, is their main vehicle and the place where they work together as a very strong and dedicated team to the band’s fame and purpose, and wherein they bring their starlight to experiment with, to blend it and shape it according to the Paradox-Obscur-psyche.

The official video of ‘Abeyance’ was filmed by Pavel Vishnevsky, the same artist who filmed ‘A Different Hum’ from the ‘Artifact’ album. The official ‘SYNΘESIS’ album release date is on 15th March 2020 / pre-order starts on 26th January 2020. By Young & Cold Records (DE).

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Written by Loud Cities Mike