WL//WH Video Of The Day: PARADOX OBSCUR “Evo Devo” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  PARADOX OBSCUR  

Athens-based dance-inducing Electro-Wave magician duo based in Athens, Toxic Razor & Kriistal Ann AKA Paradox Obscur, have dropped a dazzling video, created by Sheng-Yang Su and Randle C. McMurphy, for the uncanny, ecstatic and throbbing track, “Evo Devo”, off last May’s fifth album, “MORPHOGENESIS”, via Metropolis Records.

“Evo-Devo” dives into a transhuman realm of evolutionary thought forms to paint a bittersweet portrait of change and loss at the hands of an accelerated timeline.

A dizzying and intoxicating vibrant whirlwind of hypnotic punchy snares, buzzing syncopated bass lines, nervously flickering zippy bright synth chords and eerily warped wavering strains, fuel a powerful, anthemic vocal release of hope-fueled longings and fearful yet uplifting moods.

Symbolic visuals, by Sheng-Yang Su and Randle C. McMurphy, layer muted earth tones, vast landscapes, and interpretive dance sequences, starring Yu-Xin You, Kai-Ning Chung, and Hsin Ho, into otherworldly visions. Beautifully coordinated hair, makeup, and costume add futuristic sci-fi-vibes over suggestive poses to alternate time and space betwixt nostalgic memories and new horizons, seamlessly syncing with the modern evolution themes of the soundtrack.

Paradox Obscur‘s 5th full-length album, “MORPHOGENESIS”, is out now, in ltd. CD /Vinyl 12″ /VHS Box Set  & Digital formats, via Metropolis Records and the band’s Bandcamp

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