WL//WH Video of the Day : PARADOX OBSCUR “AfterLife Effect”

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Greek duo Paradox Obscur founded in 2014 by Werkstatt label boss and prolific electronic musician Toxic razor (aka Beatbox Machinery, Geometry Combat, Metal Disco just to name a few) and singer Kriistal Ann (one half of Sine Silex) has long been established as one of the most highly respected and beloved act of the dark minimal synth scene.

Last year third albumArtifact” through German imprint Young & Cold Records did nothing more than confirm the artistry of their distinctive, imaginative and energetic blend of dark synth sounds and beautifully soaring vocals filled with intense, blazing passion and murky melodies.

Fresh from an European tour and festival appereances, the band has just been released a new video for the album track “Afterlife Effect” about a “Paradox Universe or a strange weird feeling in a lucid dream.” 

Driven by hypnotic and menacing throbbing bassline and rapid slapping drum beats that underscore haunted, expressive alienesque vocals as melodic analogue shift to swelling horn-like blasts of synths creating a space odyssey of electronic floating layers. Sparse pounding bass thumps infiltrated with sharp clear electro notes build in tension, the self-aware being expresses their knowledge of the after-life effect, “One day you’re famous, the next one dead…with no return,” as the final beats persist like a heart beat of adrenaline fizzling out into nihility.

The accompanied visuals, directed and filmed by Pavel Vishnevsky, use soaring aerial views of magical black and white landscapes to create contrasts and proportions of a warped dimension. A sea of snow with a red cloaked figure struggling and contorting in the wind becomes a blur of red blowing over translucent broken glaciers. Red lasers transform the snowflakes into blood platelets rapidly flowing through veins as the lone form reconstitutes itself until it is no more.

A visually stunning mind enhancing experience!

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