WL//WH Video of the Day: PALM HAZE “Wildflower”

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Vancouver, Canada based duo Palm Haze, comprised of Anna Wagner and Lucas Inacio, blends alternative rock, shoegaze, and trip-hop to create a sound that’s both heavy and smooth. In 2017 their 7-track debut EP/mini-LP “Tangy Dream” was released and they are currently working on the forthcoming album titled “Rève Bleu” set to be released in Winter 2018/2019.

The more than 9 minutes long new track Wildflower”, accompained by a video, is the first single out of it.

Mellow rolling foot drum and cymbals lightly tap awash by hazy reverb buzz-saw chords and electronic beats in a infectious flush enmeshed with blissful noise. Steeped ethereal vocals create an atmosphere of wild, unbridled passion where anything is possible. Jangly shimmering wistful guitar melodies roll unhazed sliding up and down building in intensity as clashing drums ebb and flow along trance inducing shores of intoxication.

A song about passion, secrecy, and yearning. As they watch each other grow an intense desire and attraction blooms between two people as they secretly fall in love. It is not revealed why the love is taboo, or why they hide it, but we are left with the repetition, “everyone would dream we would fall in love,” creating more mystery and intrigue.

Through a purple haze of shadows and reflections the visuals emulate the sheer ecstasy, joy, and excitement of being in love. The sun peers between the branches transfixed behind the sparkly instruments, twirling amid the wildflowers, hair blowing in the wind, an anticipatory smile on her face. Love at it’s finest!

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