WL//WH Video Of The Day: PALE ALISON “Когда Умрёт Земля / When the Earth Dies”

Track Of The Day  PALE ALISON 

Young Estonian Alternative / Indie Rock five-piece band from Narva, Pale Alison, started in 2019 by soloists Evelina Koop ed Elizaveta Anderzhanova, make their first compelling foray into emotional-ridden post-punk territories, dropping a thought-provoking video for the sentimental track Когда Умрёт Земля (When the Earth Dies) to reflect on the unimaginable effects of the Covid19 Lockdown.

“Nobody thought that 2020 would be the beginning of distance and uncertainty, it would turn into a dark room, where if there is a way out, it is not visible. A whole year with closed faces – we know because nobody knows what it is. Being so near and far is a striking feature of the present time. And our usual life dies to become something new.”

Eerie, airy cinematics spawn thudding, heart skipping beats, poignant piercing baritone guitar melodies and low ominous undulating bass line to linger unsettling vibes around restrained, nostalgic, and disconnected female vocal’s enchanting rise and fall of evocative harmonies layered with chilling hums and tinkling, icy bright synth stabs, to elicit a distant melancholic passion from urgent omens.

“When the Earth Dies” explores a dark path of fate with introspective lyrics of shattered dreams, lost identities, and apocalyptic death.

The dramatic video, directed by Alexander Kljuchenkow, draws from Rene Magritte’s 1928 painting “The Lovers II”, to encapsulate universal symbols of intimacy, loss, and fear into a surreal portrayal of modern dystopic bliss. Cold, bleak imagery and sprawling panoramic views of the countryside set the stage for a tragic romance as mementoes of the past, downcast body language, and veiled faces span over time-lapsed fields of repetitive motion. Blurry, windblown horizons pan out into aerial shots of isolating replications, where human contact emits powerful fields of energy to illuminate darkened doorways of the mind through fallen footprints into a collective expansion of pain.

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