WL//WH Video of the Day: PALAIS IDEAL “Context Collapse”

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Formed in 2016 out of Eindhoven, two-piece band Palais Ideal is a post-punk endeavour comprised of Richard van Kruysdijk (bass, baritone guitar, backing vocals, synths, programming) and John Edwards (vocals, guitars, synths, programming.) The last year success of their first track/video “Crossfade/Dissolve” was soon followed by a 4 track limited edition 10″ on Dark Vinyl Records, “The Future Has Been Cancelled.” The start of 2018 brought the release of their 11-track debut album “No Signal”, where intense and melodic 80’s new wave and post-punk sonic influences are overhauled, decomposed and forged according to their own sensibilities through heavy use of vintage synths, drum machines and guitars.

A few days ago the new single “Context Collapse”, was dropped, masterly produced by veteran mastermind John Fryer (Depeche Mode, NIN, Cocteau Twins), driven by rapid, crisp and tight backbeats and double-claps woven with deep undulate sinuously bass lines and clean and resonant guitar strains that challenge the cynical, robotic detached vocals that at times become exaggerated sneers forming a destitute, isolated, and paranoid environment. An urgent hypnotic guitar bleats melodies that swell with throbbing bass and loud pounds, anxious drum machines shift to distorted searing and penetrating guitar leads as echoed pleading voices strain to be heard.

A song about ignorance, avoidance, and sheeple. A man observes his surroundings and realizes there is a huge disconnect between words and action. Corporations and governments have built a virtual reality in which people are trying to make better versions of themselves, while their true existence remains blind and unaware.

The accompanying video, directed by Auke Hamers, beautifully choreographed by Burning Bridges, incorporates hip-hop and Irish step dancing to flawlessly combine the rhythm of the song with brash and sassy dance moves depicting three (almost identical) women with a fierce determination for perfection and execution. Intense and powerful with a dramatic ending that begs the question…What happens next?

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Photo by Patrice Hoerner