WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE PALACE OF TEARS “Veiled Screen, Woven Dream”

Video Of The Day The Palace of Tears

The city of Berlin, Germany and the historic passage traveled between the Eastern and Western divide sets the inspirational backdrop for The Palace of Tears, a Gothic Rock duo based in New Orleans, Louisiana made up of vocalist Leah Darkling and multi-instrumentalist Erick r Scheid, whose personal journey with grief, loss, truths and secrets can be seen in the DIY Music Video “Veiled Screen, Woven Dream”, the title track from their anticipated Sophomore LP, in memorial of the 2022 ‘sudden death’ tragedy of Leah’s brother.

“Veiled Screen, Woven Dream” was originally a romantic song: On the mundane level, it is about reuniting after prolonged separation and isolation, and the intensity that accompanies the experience, sometimes as a blissful revelry, while at other times it is almost painfully sweet. So sweet that it hurts, as if your heart were going to burst. On the arcane level, it speaks to those who have passed on, and our desire to commune with those we love and miss beyond the veil, and when you might meet again in another form.

A dark ethereal poem transcends space and time with enveloping ceremonial keyboard glows, solemnly rising through a humming bed of slow hypnotic tapping beats, droning bass lines and restrained fuzzed-out distortion, penetrated by intense, echo-filled sparkling evocative guitar strains, along anguished, piercing soaring wails, whilst beautifully haunting high-range vocals pierce and crack the leaden tapestry with intense and thought-provoking pain.  

Black ceremonial DIY visions cast in flickering white candlelight set the metaphysical tone for a ghostly performance by The Palace of Tears. Depth-defying reflections, dramatic costume and make-up, and soul-stirring emotions draw the viewer into a peaceful liminal space where reunification with a loved one waits to occur.

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