WL//WH Video of the Day: PAAR “Syn”

Video of the Day  Paar

Following last week single “Crack”, Munich based synth-infused post-punk 3-piece PAAR, made of Ly Nguyen on vocals, Rico Sperl on bass & synths, and Matthias Zimmermann on guitar, have have finally dropped their 4-track EP “HONE”, on 12″ white vinyl / cassette / CD and digital, through Das Diktat imprint, accompanied by the visuals for the third track “Syn”.

Soaring hypnotizing repetitive synth patterns set the gloomy sense of desolation and fear embodied by pounding tight drums, interlaced with enticing, sinuous, deep basslines and resonant wistful pin-point Cure-sque guitar progressions needle together over strong, self-comforting vocals of unloved longing.

The touching bond between mother and stillborn set against the backdrop of a lineage built upon ritual slaughter and tradition sacrament of dark “Syn”.

The emotional emptiness felt by a woman left alone due to the premature death of a child. Born into a society that judges self-worth through the ability to bear a descendant strikes feelings of inadequacy, uselessness, and misplaced anger. The same powers of reason also feed her primitive hunger and allow her to perform fertility rites requiring human sacrifice in a painfully dramatic expression of loss and human heritage.

A dark black and white short film, directed by Sebastian Dominic Auer, casts danger into a lush tropical paradise of agony and hope. A stunning woman stands vigilant over the ceremonial tribune begging the soul of her child to come back. Elaborate warrior morphs ceremonial costumes rich in texture and colour adorn her physique as she drinks a potion, washes human bodies, and literally gets blood all over her hands in an attempt to feel needed.

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Photography by @phil_klimt