WL//WH Video of the Day: PAAR “Beauty Needs Witness”

Video Of The Day Paar

German post-punk trio based out of MunichPAAR, comprised of Ly Nguyen on vocals, Rico Sperl on bass & synths, and Matthias Zimmermann on guitar, have released a mind-twisting video, directed by Leo van Kann, for the heady track “Beauty Needs Witness” from the band’s last March’s excellent debut album “Die Notwendigkeit der Notwendigkeit”, on 12″ Vinyl & Digital, via Berlin’s Grzegorzki Records.

A tumultuous and mesmeric mix of piercing, distorted guitar abrasion, slow churning beats, and growling basslines, clipped by obsessively repetitive clicking percussive patterns, around tortured female vocals’ dramatic hesitation of shame and guilt into a hellish nightmare of others’ excruciating expectations.

Esoteric thoughts form a beautiful lyrical poem about a search for peace through the eyes of strength, thoughtfulness, and clarity.

Seedy, Lynchian dystopia casts surreal red and blue auras of hypnotic lights over a grainy, sweaty stripper scene to evoke detached fear and excitement. Private whispers shroud unformed shadows and blur disorienting imagery causing an unnatural disconnection from the giddy onlookers whose glitchy, glamourous sunglasses arouse delight and delusion from a filthy deceptive appearance.

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