WL//WH Video Of The Day: Oxy “PRWG”

Video Of The Day OXY

Brasilia-based band OXY, originally the music project of vocalist/lyricist Sara Candido and guitarist Blandu Correia, step into the new year with a vibrant and invigorating new single entitled “PRWG”, infused with Oxy‘s distinctive striking blend of shoegaze and dream-pop sonic elements with psychedelic undertones.

Frustrated caustic lyrics describe a history of decay, squander, unheard protests, and failed attempts at reform set against a backdrop of isolation, regret, and intense distrust as the mask comes off to reveal, “I’m not feeling fine I feel like we’ll die. Voting for more lies.”

Dreamy wavering inebriated synth gracefully swirls around relentless peppy drumbeats along with low pulsing bassline and energetic, abrasive guitar riffs reverb-laden clash to form a dizzying layer of distortion, in contrast to clear detached hypnotic vocals rooted in an angry rebellion over oppressive government waste.

The symbolic video, directed by Vinícius Faraco, explains the meaning of PRWG (Personal Red Wine Government) using excessively spilt wine as a metaphor for world leaders who waste precious resources without the consensus of the people to which they belong. A spotless white table cloth lies underneath a sparkling glass and a green bottle as ominous reflections and eerie shadows cast a sense of impending doom onto the minimal set. An interplay between full and empty fades into a mass overflow spilt thoughtlessly in transparent overlays as they multiply, defying logic with backward, upside down, and shape-shifting flows of rippling decadence lost in arrogance and greed.

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